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Author Topic: WPIAL Section Championship Tournament - 2020  (Read 29 times)


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WPIAL Section Championship Tournament - 2020
« on: January 14, 2020, 10:52:34 PM »

The top five (5) place finishers in each section will advance to the WPIAL Team Championship Tournament. On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, a one-day section championship tournament doubleheader will be held prior to the WPIAL team championship tournament. At the section championship tournament, the first-place finisher from each subsection will wrestle the second-place team from the opposite subsection in the same section.  The two winners will then wrestle for the section championship. The winner will be declared the section champion and will be presented the section plaque. The defeated team will be the 2nd place finisher in the section. The two defeated teams in the preliminary match will wrestle for 3rd and 4th place in the section. The fifth qualifier will be the winner of a single match held on the same night (January 22, 2020) as the section championship tournament between the third-place team from each subsection.
In 2019 - 2020, the section championship tournament will be held at the site of the first-place team in the “B” subsections. The fifth place-qualifying match will be held at a site in the “B” subsections as determined by the wrestling committee. If the designated site for matches in the tournament is not available, the WPIAL will assign the site based on the League “Home Site Policy”. The WPIAL wrestling Committee will organize and manage all section championship tournament matches.
Teams involved in the section championship tournament, including the two teams involved in the match for the fifth qualifier, are not required to count the two (2) competition points for the matches in the tournament. It is suggested, but not required, that other section teams wrestle each other in an exhibition match on January 22, 2020. However, these schools will have to count the match as a competition point. 
In the event of a two-way tie for any place, head to head competition will prevail. A tie between three or more teams will be broken by comparing the head-to-head competition between the tied teams that may result in one or more of the teams demonstrating a higher cumulative total of victories. If the three or more tied teams have identical records against each other, the WPIAL tie breaking system will be used until only two tied teams remain. Head-to head will then be used to break the tie between the two remaining teams.
If three or more teams have identical records against each other, the following tie-breaking system will be used.   
 a) The team whose opposing wrestlers or team personnel has been penalized the greater     number of team points for flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct shall be declared the     winner.
 b) The team whose opposing wrestlers or team personnel has been penalized the greater     number of team point deductions shall be declared the winner.
 c) The team having won the greater number of matches (including forfeits) shall be declared    the winner.
 d) The team having accumulated the greater total number of falls, defaults, forfeits, and     disqualifications shall be declared the winner.
 e) The team having the greater number of technical falls shall be declared the winner.
 f) The team having the greater number of major decisions shall be declared the winner.
 g) The team having the greater number of total match points shall be declared the winner.
 h) If none of the above resolves the tie, a flip of a disk will determine the winner.


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Re: WPIAL Section Championship Tournament - 2020
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 09:48:39 AM »

Schedules (brackets) posted:

Semifinals at 6 pm, Finals/3rd place at 7:15 pm (all four teams have already qualified for WPIAL Team Tournaments)
1-AAA (at Hempfield)  Hempfield vs. Norwin, Kiski Area vs. Greater Latrobe
2-AAA (at Mt. Lebanon)  Mt. Lebanon vs. Thomas Jefferson, Connellsville vs. Peters Township
3-AAA (at North Allegheny)  North Allegheny vs. Butler, Seneca Valley vs. Hampton
4-AAA (at Waynesburg)  Waynesburg vs. South Fayette, Canon-McMillan vs. Trinity (both rounds on WJPA-AM)

1-AA (at McGuffey)  McGuffey vs. South Park, Burgettstown vs. Beth-Center (both rounds on WJPA-FM)
2-AA (at Quaker Valley)  Quaker Valley vs. Freedom Area, Laurel vs. Keystone Oaks
3-AA (at Elizabeth-Forward)  Elizabeth-Forward vs. Highlands, Burrell vs. Southmoreland

5th place matches at 7 pm (winners qualify for WPIAL Team Tournaments)
1-AAA  Franklin Regional at Greensburg Salem
2-AAA  West Mifflin at Bethel Park
3-AAA  Pine-Richland at Indiana
4-AAA  West Allegheny at Chartiers Valley

1-AA  Fort Cherry at West Greene
2-AA  Ellwood City at Hopewell
3-AA  Summit Academy at Mt. Pleasant
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