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Author Topic: It's now a 3 point game  (Read 194 times)


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It's now a 3 point game
« on: November 23, 2019, 10:05:10 PM »

during the down times for h. s. basketball, I fill in by seeing the local small college team, York College of Pa.

York has had a competitive team for some time. They've won a game in each of the last 2 NCAA D-3 tournaments. They play in the soon to be defunct Capital Area Conference. Next year they are moving to the more logical Centennial Conference composed of like schools in the mid state region.

It used to be unusual for a team to score more with the 3 than the 2. I first remember it a few years ago at a game of Lancaster Catholic @ Columbia. I am increasingly seeing it in college games I go to.

Todays game between Johns Hopkins and York (won by Hopkins 67 - 57) provided a prime example. York took 54 shots, 38 of which were 3's. They went 12 of 38. The first half saw 8 different players make a 3. Final totals were 12 3's (36 points), 9-2's (18 points) and 3 FT for their 57 total.

Hopkins had 15 3's on 34 shots (45 points), 9-2's (18 points) and 4 FT for their total of 67.

Only a total of 15 Ft were attempted. No 3 point shooter was fouled in the act.

guess this is the new normal!