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Author Topic: Dematha - Gonzaga  (Read 77 times)


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Dematha - Gonzaga
« on: January 08, 2019, 11:54:34 PM »

@ Dematha

1Q Gonzaga 25 - 22

2Q Dematha 36 - 33

3Q Dematha  by 2

Final Dematha 62 Gonzaga 58

Dematha  #5 - 13, #0 & #4 both with 12 and #1 with 11, 6-3's and 8 of 9 FT

Gonzaga #1 & #22 both with 11, #13 with 10, 7-3's and 7 of 13 FT

Arguably one of America's great high school rivalries.

First quarter maybe the best quarter of bball I've seen all year. both teams came out firing and each had an answer. Second quarter saw Dematha D clamp down, holding Gonzaga scoreless until the final 2 minutes. Second half more of the same. Terrific game played at a high level.

Refs called maybe 8 fouls in the first half, more in the second half when Gonzaga starteds to foul. Demathat made their FT. Biog #1 for Dematha with probably 8 blocks. Appears flatfooted by he's pretty effective. All games played with a 30 second shot clock.

Crowd was full and into it.  Almost every seat taken. Standing one deep around the rail at the top. Student sections were close to each other going back and forth but didn't say anything memorable. Great facility. Snack bar had Ginger Ale!

J. V. game Dematha 71 Gonzaga 35

Freshman game Dematha 51 Gonzaga 50. Gonzaga with a great set play at the end to win but pass was fumbled out of bounds.

Both squads had 15 to 17 players on each team. Some willowing will need to be done.