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Author Topic: ESPN  (Read 447 times)


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« Reply #15 on: May 11, 2017, 06:04:35 PM »

First of all that is terrible news for Mr. Berman and his family. Thoughts and prayers.

Nicky, I agree. I can only take so much talk and opinion. They do have some good original programming  (30 for 30 for instance) but yes why not just more live sports? They could air an MLB game every night for instance after NBA season.

 And yes hs, they do share way too much political opinion. The network itself definitely seems left leaning, but they give their personalities too much freedom to talk politics both ways. Easiest example is the Kaepernick situation. One could tell right away who was left leaning or right leaning simply by their response to the situation. I enjoy good political talk, but when I tune in to watch an NFL Pregame show or a sports journalism show I would rather not know that Mike Ditka is a conservative and Jamele Hill is a liberal, etc. And I do blame current ESPN management for that climate. Back in the day when Keith Olbermann was hosting Sports Center, no one would have noticed or cared what Olbermann's political leanings are/were because he never shared them, did not make grand standing statements,  etc. Just not what I am looking for when watching sports.

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